Sins of the Father - Jeffrey Archer ★★★★ 1/2

The Sins of the Father is the sequel to Only Time Will Tell and Archer has done it again. Archer has created another novel that entraps the reader into the story. Just like in Only Time Will Tell, Sins of the Father is the same story told a few times by a different character but each time a little more information is put forth. Harry Clifton is now across seas in a predicament that he never should of gotten himself into but in Harry's eyes, he will do anything it'll take for the one he loves will be set free and "happy." I am not a big fan of history, yet I did enjoy how Archer used huge events in history and tied them into this book. With Archer using actual facts in a fictional world, it makes the story seem more real. More intense. I'll be anticipating the 3rd installment of the Clifton Chronicles.
I marked this 4.5 stars, because through the first book (Only Time Will Tell) and the second (The Sins of the Father) Archer has dragged out a huge significant detail. I understand the reason why he has done so, however, at the end of the second book I got mad that it wasn't "resolved" yet. Oh well, I guess that will be apart of the third book. I just hope we find out the truth in the third and it doesn't get pushed out til the last book.
Oh, and the best part was towards the end with Hugo.

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