Reboot - Amy Tintera ★★★★ 1/2

I saw this book as one of the Goodreads.com First Reads contest giveaways and I was little hesitant to enter it because I wasn't sure if I would like the plot of the story, but I entered it anyway.

And I won.

And surprisingly, glad I did win.

In what we know as Texas, a virus is wiping out most of the young population. Sort of. When someone contracts this virus, they die and then they wake up; As a Reboot. The longer they are dead, the less human they feel. The longer they are dead, the more powerful they are as a Reboot. They are then taking to a facility that trains them, feeds them and excepts them to do their dirty work.

Wren Connolly, died for 178 minutes. She is the facilities best weapon and only trains the highest numbered reboots. That is until Callum Reyes, a "22" comes to the facility. He is the youngest (only dead for 22 minutes before he rebooted) that has passed through the facility in a while and no one excepts to live passed a week. Wren takes on Callum but when she fails she is ordered to take Callum out. She has a choice to make, either dispose of Callum or escape with Callum so he lives.

This isn't like all the typical zombie apocalypse books out there in the way that they are still human. Some still feel, laugh, cry, while others don't. I liked how even Wren, a 178, starts to feel. The book itself seemed like a quick read, but towards the ending of the book I expected a little more. Things just seemed to easy. I do look forward to reading the second book in the series when it comes out though.

4 1/2 stars.

Received this book through Goodreads.com First Reads Contest Giveaway

Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire ★★★★★

In order for you to understand most of what goes on in this book, you need to read the first novel; Beautiful Disaster. However, you do not entirely need to read the first to get an understand, but it is recommended. Read my review on Beautiful Disaster here .

I liked Beautiful Disaster, but I loved Walking Disaster. I thought it was going to be boring, since I would be reading the same story over but it wasn't. Although it was the same story, it still was a different story all in its own. We finally understand the root of Abby's nickname. What I thought were Travis' psychotic moments were really more played up by Abby then what really happened. This made me develop MORE of a crush on Travis than I already had. Read the first book and even if you don't like it, still read the second. The story is a lot better in Travis' prospective.

I liked the ending as well - it was more detail to the "happily ever after" ending.

5 stars.


If You Find Me - Emily Murdoch ★★★★1/2

I borrowed If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch from my sister who won it off the first reads giveaway contests by Goodreads.com and I highly enjoyed it.  Carey (15) and her younger sister, Janessa (6) live in the woods. When they were younger, their mother took them away from their father to protect them. Carey is the only one who does the protecting. Their mother is a drug addict and has disappears for days on end. It happens to be this one day, five weeks of not seeing their mother that a man walks into the woods calling their names. At first sight, Carey knows this man as her father. He has found them and come to take them home. We then go through the next few months of Carey and Janessa living with their father in a completely different world. They now have running water. They now have mittens on cold nights. Everything has changed and what the girls knew, could have been a complete lie.

I rated If You Find Me 4.5 stars because it left a lot of questions unanswered. Murdoch did a wonderful job of character development. Within the first few pages you feel for these girls. You wish them the best and no harm ever come to them. You dive into the book wanting to know more. When you get to the end...you realize you still are wanting to know more but there are no more pages to read. I am hoping there is a sequel because there is just so much I need answered.  If you are looking for a story with love, strength, change, emotional impact.. then this book is for you. If you are not looking for that, then I still suggest you read it anyway.

Murdoch - make a sequel. I need to know about Joelle. Does she get what she deserves? What about Carey now that she told about the White Star Night? What progression is there with Ryan? My biggest question...How's Shorty??????

Someday, Someday, Maybe. - Lauren Graham ★★★★

Note: I won this book from Goodreads.com from the first reads giveaway contest.

Actress Lauren Graham has stepped out of the acting world and has now taken a seat at a writers desk. Someday, Someday, Maybe is her first novel and I think she did fairly well on it.  Someday, Someday, Maybe is the tale of Franny Banks wanting to be an actress. She moves to New York, takes an acting class and goes to auditions here and there. She hasn't been making the progress she needs so she set a deadline. If she doesn't become an actress by her deadline, she'll give up.

I liked Graham's writing style. It reminded me of how she was in Gilmore Girls (I liked that show!), so although there were times when Franny went off on these Random tangents...it didn't bother me. I was use to Lorelai (in Gilmore Girls) doing the same thing. It just seemed fitting to me. I liked the Filofax pages and I liked how........* INSERT SPOILER ALERT HERE.....READ BOTTOM OF REVIEW FOR SPOILER........   The only thing that I disliked in Someday, Someday, Maybe was Franny grew up wanting to be an Actress. She attends acting school, yet it seemed like she wasn't too familiar with how things go in the business. I'm not an actress and I even know what the terms mean or what the "protocol" is. It happened a few times, but it wasn't anything to big that deterred me from liking the book.

*SPOILER: I liked how towards the end it discussed how she regrets not going with the agent that she liked in the first place. Not going by her gut instinct and choosing the "big name."  Just because something is big, famous and well known...doesn't mean its the best choice. Someone else may be the underdog, but they may be the one to help your dreams come true.

The Racketeer - John Grisham ★★

John Grisham is a popular author, with roughly 30+ books under his belt and a few which were made into movies. As of today, he is in the #14th spot for most popular artist on Goodreads.com. With that being said, I thought the Racketeer was going to be one that I couldn't put down.

The Racketeer is the story of Malcolm Banister, ex lawyer, now federal prison inmate #44861-127.  Malcolm is in prison for a crime he had no intentions of making and now he wants out. He gets his chance at freedom when a Judge gets murdered and Banister is the guy who knows what happened. Banister won't give the FBI the information they need, not without his own demands first.

While reading the first half of The Racketeer, I felt as though I was reading a history book. Grisham kept rattling off numbers and facts (not sure how factual they are) that related to the subject, I didn't think was a necessity. It seemed more like it was there for page fillers.  The premise of the story, is a decent subject although its been done before. Guy goes to jail, guy is innocent, guy gets released but gets his payback. The story was somewhat slow paced and then when it gets to the pivotal moment it then seems very rushed. Too rushed....and after all of Banisters "melodically" thinking when I reached the last few chapters it became predictable on what was going to happen and then gave this "Eh...could have been better" finally.

Read it if you like, but this isn't one that I would consider recommending.


Full Measures: The Desperate Measures Triology #1 - Kat Lee ★★★★★

An author that I have read and liked a few books of (Elle Casey) has created an adult series under the pen name Kat Lee. Just like the Young Author novels, this one met full expectations. I loved this book! Its rare for me to say that I loved a book. It had to have something that I highly enjoyed.

Full Measures (book 1) in the Desperate Measures Trilogy is the unlikely story of three complete opposite ladies meeting at a book club meeting. Kiki, a retired fully nude pole dancer, Elizabeth the anti social reserved accountant and Aimee - soon to be divorced homemaker, not only become friends but business partners. The three bring out something in each other that they didn't know they had.

I loved this book because it was more realistic although fiction. It has drama, action and hilarity. I actually laughed out loud quiet a lot. I adored Betty and her comments. The characters are three ladies that you wish you became friends with. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great story and laughter.

Apocalypsis - Book 1: Kahayatle - Elle Casey ★★★★

Elle Casey has a few different series out there. I've now read the first book in three of those series, Apocalypsis Book 1: Kahayatle being the latest. Bryn Mathis is 17. Most of the world population is around her age because a disease took over and killed off anyone over 21 and under a certain age (12 I believe?). Things start off somewhat well, until the food supply runs out and the kids start attack kids. She meets Peter who was staying at his cross dressing uncle's house and together they take off to a safer place. Along the way they meet Bodo, a German exchange student and more "canners."

As I've mentioned in other book reviews, I don't really read Zombie/Apocalypsis books but with Elle Casey, I had to give it a whirl. Yet again, I wasn't disappointed. The only drawback I had was I didn't understand what kind of disease it was. I know its fiction, but it just didn't make sense and it really wasn't explained why it only killed off people of certain ages.

Now, not only will I know how to survive on an Island and fight off evil faeries, but I'll also be able to survive a trek 250 miles with everyone and anyone trying to eat me. Book 2 of all three, here I come.


So Down I Fall - Alex Benedict ★★★ 3/4

One gets tired of reading about the same type of super natural creatures. Vampires, werewolves and zombies, all seem to be the hit thing at the moment and it gets old. So Down I fall by Alex Benedict isn't about creatures on land, but in the sea.

I entered to win this book from the author as a part of the Goodreads.com contest giveaway..Obviously, I won and when I received it in the mail I began to read and 6 hours later (doing a few things in between) I was finished.

The first sentence, had me hooked. "I thought about killing myself the old-fashioned way: overdosing on a handful of pills, driving my truck into a tree." Its one of those sentences where you get so engrossed into the words that you just keep reading........and reading......and reading, until there is nothing left to read.

Grace O'Neal, no longer cares. Everything that mattered went away the day her mother died. She gives in to everything and attempts suicide but gets rescued. A few days later, she meets the new boy in town, Adam, and everything she knew changes. She starts to feel again....but its no happy ending.

As I mentioned above, this book captured me into a little Island off of Maine. I enjoyed the book until about 60 pages left to read. It seemed like it just got very corny. The things you find out, was not really a surprise, but more of a "Really? That's the best that you can come up with?" Then the last 30 pages it got too mushy. It was one of those "I love you" "Don't Leave" "I wont" "I love you." Rinse and repeat.

Regardless of the mushy corniness at the last 60ish pages, I still highly enjoyed it. Some was a bit predictable, but for the most part it was interested and I look forward to reading #2.


Call Me Emily - Laura Albright ★★★ 1/2

Oh, Emily....You made the biggest mistake. The mistake that 90%* of the female population makes at one point or another. "Call Me Emily" is a coming of age story through the 1980 college years. Emily is starting her first year at a Southern California University. She begins settling in and making friends and one night she meets Graham. Everything changes.

:::Spoilers alert:::

Emily falls head over heels in love with Graham and the biggest mistake she makes...changing herself to please him. She does everything she can to make him happy and she "feels" happy, but when its all said and done....at the end of the day, shes not happy. Takes her a while to realize it, but she does eventually.

Call me Emily, was a quick read. It felt at times I was reading more of a diary then a novel only because it seemed to "jump" from one thing to another without a typical "novel" like transition.

I'm glad that Emily made the choices she made in the end and I've marked book two on my "to read" list. I'm hoping her and Jose get together.

Note: I recieved this book as a Goodreads.com first-reads contest winning.

*statistics pulled out of no where.


The Last Summer of The Camperdowns - Elizabeth Kelly ★★★★

Riddle me this......
It's the Summer of 1972 and Riddle "Jimmy" "Hoffa" James Camperdown keeps the biggest secret of her life. At 12 years old she witnesses a crime but doesn't tell a soul. As her parents seem to become more distant (Her father is in politics and her mother still star struck) she begins to fall in love with Harry Delvin. The son of her fathers once best friend. As the year goes on, Riddle learns more truths and secrets, but does she keep her secret or finally tell someone?
I had the opportunity to read the advance readers copy of "The Last Summer of the Camperdowns" by Elizabeth Kelly (via Goodreads.com). I started reading the first few pages and was worried that I wouldn't get into it. There was a lot of description and I always seem to loose focus was a novel has too much detail. I get lost in the detail and forget what I was reading, but after a while I adjusted to the novel and the pages just flew by. I also think I've become just that much more smart after reading this. There were words that I never even heard of and actually had to look up! At times I forgot that Riddle was only 12 because of the vocabulary that was used.
I enjoyed The Last Summer of the Camperdowns. I was intrigued by how fear can prevent people from doing the right thing. I kept wondering when and if Riddle would do the right thing. Was there more to Greer (Riddle's mother) and Michael (Harry's father) than meets the eye? Who really was behind the biggest crime that shook the a little town of Wellfleet. What I liked most, is the story went fully circle.
I still have a few questions that went unanswered, but I have my theories.


Doug & Carlie - Lisa Smartt ★★★ 1/2

I've been debating on whether to give Doug & Carlie by Lisa Smartt, three or four stars. I'm very undecided so I'll just go with 3.5.

Carlie is 32 years old, single and working at the Dollar Store, life can't get any better, right? Wrong. It can get better but not for very long. She meets Doug who lives 8 hours away but immediately builds a connection with. After a few weeks of long distance dating, Carlie gets the opportunity of a life time and she needs to decide what to do.

I liked the book because Carlie spoke what was on her mind and didn't hold back. She was truthful, even if sometimes she was more honest then needing to be (IE. Her first email to Doug). I liked it. It's not everyday that you come across someone who just doesn't care and will tell it like it is. I also liked that Carlie made the choice for herself. When deciding to jump at the chance of an opportunity of a lifetime, she doesn't make it because her parents...she doesn't make the decision before of Doug...she makes the decision because its something she wants. She put herself first.

The reasons why I didn't like it and had a hard time deciding on the rating is because with Carlie being the strong independent no nonsense woman, she sure did cry a lot. Everyone cried a lot. Yes there were times that granted the crying (Grieving at a funeral...or two) but it felt like almost every other page someone was crying. For petty little reasons. I may not be as emotional or something but it irritated me. I wanted to yell out, "GROW A PAIR AND STOP CRYING!! GOSH!"  Yes, this bothered me enough to mark it down a full star.

Overall, it was a cute story and there was character development.


Jaden Baker - Courtney Kirchoff ★★★★★

I do not really read a whole lot of paranormal type books. Dark forces, Super natural Creature, the living dead, super human powers... I never seem to be able to get into the books, unless they have something that I can't keep away from.

Jaden Baker is something, someone, I couldn't keep away from.

The novel written by Courtney Kirchoff first introduces us to Jaden Baker at age 25 while in a drug store. He starts bleeding from the nose and has a seizure like symptoms. A girl in the same aisle rushes to his aid and calls 911.  The last thing Jaden asks of the girl before he passes out is "Don't let them take me!"

We are taken back to when Jaden is 9 years old and living with his new potential family that is in the process of adopting him. Jaden has been living with them for a week, happy but frightened of what would happen when they discover who he is.  Jaden is Psychokinesis (PK). One night his family learns of his powers and before Jaden can even explain what happened, he gets kidnapped. Taken underground and held as a prisoner while Dr. Dalton does experiments and tests on Jaden. Dalton wants to know how PK works. After 4 years there is a chance that Jaden can escape. He takes the opportunity but fails. Dr. Madrid then takes over and its horrifying. Madrid doesn't care how PK works, he's only concerned about making it work as an advantage. A weapon. Madrid doesn't stop at anything to get what he wants from Jaden.

Finally after 2 years of pure torture, Jaden at age 15 escapes. We are then brought up to speed after 10 years of Jaden hiding out and walking into a drug store one night where he collapses. Where he tells the girl (Libby) in the aisle "Don't let them take me!"

Libby helps Jaden and he soon decides that he will no longer run from them. He won't be afraid and he won't be held captive anymore. He's going to fight for his freedom. Fight for a life. His life.

Within the first two paragraphs, I was hooked. When I couldn't read, I would wonder what will happen next and couldn't wait for the chance to find out. I felt so bad for Jaden and there was nothing I could do to make it better. There were times when I was afraid for Jaden...when I was proud of Jaden and especially when I had hope for Jaden.

I suggest everyone else have hope for Jaden. Pick up a copy of Jaden Baker by Courtney Kirchoff. Whether it is a genre that you are interested in or something that you stay clear from...The outcome will be the same result..

★★★★★ to Jaden Baker.


The Keeper of Dawn - J.B. Hickman ★★★★

J.B. Hickman, gave me the opportunity to receive a free kindle edition of "The Keeper of Dawn," in return for an honest review. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. To give a brief summary, The Keeper of Dawn is about a 15 year old boy named Jacob Hawthorne is sent off to boarding school on Raker Island. At first he is just another one of the students, until he meets up with Chris, Roland and Derek. They soon become the "Headliners."  Together the boys push the lines of expulsion, excitement, death and self discovery.

When I read the first few chapters I couldn't get into it. The story was jumping between the past and current times and I found myself not all too excited to read it, but I continued to push through it since I was asked to read/review The Keeper of Dawn.

Around chapter 5-9, I noticed I was reading more and more without getting distracted. It became interesting. I wanted to see what the Headliners would do next. The jumping being the past events and the story now, didn't bother me anymore. It actually gave me a new perspective.

Towards the end, I was considering giving the book 3 out of 5 starts.   A three for me, is  "Eh, wasn't bad, but wasn't good either..its just so so." I still kept my options open as I read on..

Then I started to wonder........my curiosity was on full alert. I read on and WHAM!! PLOT TWIST!!


As I read on, things started to become clear and brought everything together. I finished the book and knowing what I know now, I gave the book a 4.

If anyone has the chance to read The Keeper of Dawn, and in the beginning are like me and not that interested, I do suggest keep reading. You'll become interested in the story and then get sucked in towards the end.


A Million LIttle Pieces - James Frey ★★★★★

I read A Million Little Pieces by James Frey in 2005, the same year that it was published. Before the "lies." I think I read this book within 24 hours. I stayed up into the wee hours of the night, until it felt like my eyes were bleeding because I was just so transfixed. The topic was a curiosity to me. We watch movies and TV shows that portray the life of a junkie and the final outcome (death), but there is hardly ever the I'm-going-down-the-path-of-total-descruction-and-I-need-to-change-things-otherwise-I-will-not-wake-to-see-another-day story. When they do show it, it’s more of a comedic relief (28 days). Or maybe I'm just naive and there is more out there then what I've seen. Anyway, I was drawn into the story. I was captivated on how ruthless those withdrawals were. I grew fond of the characters and wished them all a full healthy recovery. I read this story and thought it needed to become a movie.

Then, I was told it was all a lie.

I thought about it (for 2 seconds) and said, so what? Whether it’s true story or a fictional story, it’s still a story. It didn't change my opinion of Frey. I just removed the former junkie thoughts. Frey is still a very good novelist and obviously I wasn’t the only one who thought that since Oprah added him to her booklist (before removing him because he lied. Get over it Oprah, it’s still a good book).

Was it a publicity stunt to get more readers? I don't care. Would I have read it, even if I knew the "True" story, wasn't true? Probably.

I say give it a chance. Don't let your biased opinions of it no longer being a true story; prevent you from reading A Million Little Pieces. Read it because it is a good book. Read it for the same reasons, people enjoyed it before they found out it was a lie. Just wait till Frey writes a book that he announces is "fictional" at least I know it'll be good, since A Million Little Pieces was good.


Harbour Falls - S.R. Grey ★★★★

I received Harbour Falls from S.R. Grey from a Goodreads.com First Reads giveaway contest. Harbour Falls is the book in the Harbour Falls Mystery series. The locals think Maddy has returned to Harbour Falls to have some "quiet time" while writing her newest novel. However, she has another item on her agenda. She is back to investigate a murder that took place 4 years ago that still remains unsolved. The top suspect, is Adam Ward...also known as Maddy's crush since high school.
As Maddy investigates what happened, she finds herself still having an attraction towards Adam. As she gets closer to solving the case, she also gets closer to falling in love with Adam.

I enjoyed this book. I tend to read a lot of murder mystery books and I'm always trying to guess who the killer was. I was very close at figuring out who the killer was, but didn't expect a twist. There is one sentence that was written around the first few chapters that I thought didn't need to be included in the paragraph. It seemed a little pointless, until I was reading and put the "clues" and that one sentence together. I would say I was half right. Grey left the novel with an ending that leaves you with wanting more. I'll be looking forward to the #2 book in the series.

Fatal Decree - H. Terrell Griffin ★★★★

Matt Royal is a former lawyer who left the big city to become a beach bum in Longboat Key. Jock Algren, is Matt's best friend, works in a part of the government that a lot of people do not know exist. Jennifer "J.D." Duncan, is Longboat Key's one and only detective. Together, the three of them set out to search for the person responsible for killing two local women...the crime scenes are eerily close to a murder spree that was 12 years ago. They soon find that it may be harder than expecting after sometime tries to kill J.D.....more than once and start to come after Matt. Drug Cartel, gangbangers, and serial killers? What do they all have in common and can they put a connection to all the murders, before its to late?

I won Fatal Decree by H. Terrell Griffin in a Goodreads.com First Reads contest. At first I was hesitant to sign up since it the description revolved around the drug cartel and that isn't usually my first topic of choice. After reading up to the 10th chapter, I was glad I won.  Griffin wrote Fatal Decree in the first person (of Matt) and since I'm not use to this style of writing it was different. I did enjoy it though. Reading a novel in this style made me feel like I was apart of the book. I was Matt. I also thought it was funny how towards the middle of the book, each chapter ended with a sentence that would give you a little in site of how the next chapter would begin. I found myself laughing a few times because it was like, "Oh, there at it again! Can the day get any worse?" Sure enough..it can. When I reached the end of the book, it felt like it was just too easy. Catch the bad guy and the day is over......and all of the sudden....BAM! Plot twist!
I read that there is actually a Matt Royal series and this book was not apart of it (based on Griffin's Goodreads profile). After reading Fatal Decree, I'm a little curious to check out one of the books that is apart of the Matt Royal Series. 


Don't Let Me Go - Catherine Ryan Hyde ★★★

I watched the movie "Pay It Forward" and I read the novel "When I found You." Based on my opinions of those two titles, when I had the opportunity to download a free Amazon/Kindle copy of  "Don't Let me Go" by Catherine Ryan Hyde I jumped at the chance. Both Pay It Forward and When I Found you, are books that I would  recommend someone else. They would be books that I would suggest be the next Book Club Read....Most people have seen Pay It Forward by now and most likely will agree with me that it was a very good movie. I'm sure that this is also an instance, where the book was better. When I found you, had me reading late into the night until my eyes couldn't take it....It left me wishing the book would not end. So, with that I expected the same greatness for Don't Let Me Go.
I think I may have set my standards too high.

Don't Let Me Go is about a 10 year old girl Grace whose has no friends and an addict for a mother. She ventures out onto the front steps of her apartment for hours on end and no one says a word. Billy, her agoraphobic neighbor, does something he doesn't normally do. Ever. He talked to Grace. What was one little conversation, turned into Grace making friends with a few tenants from her apartment complex. After social services came by to check in on Grace after an anonymous phone call, her friends decide that Grace cannot be taken away. They devise a plan to keep Grace out of the system, and to get her mother clean.

After I finished reading this novel, I was undecided how I felt about it. I thought 3/5 stars was fair. I guess I may have liked this title better, if I didn't have my expectations set on the same level as I did with the previous works from Hyde. I wanted there to be more sustenance I guess. Yes, there is major character development, but I wasn't really feeling it. I'm still on the fence on how I felt, so I'm not entirely sure I can give a very good review of this book. I'm leaning more towards is just being another novel that I read that doesn't leave a lasting impression. Not something that would be the first book I recommend to someone. Maybe when I have the chance to pick up another title from Hyde, I'll go into without any preconceived notions or high expectations.


Night Road - Kristin Hannah ★★★★

The most recent novel my book club selected to read was Night Road by Kristin Hannah. I believe this was a good choice because it gave depth to our discussion. Night Road had each member of our group feel some sort of emotion that they wouldn't normally feel when reading a book...my members, most parents (some new, some old), said it touched close to home.

Lexi bounces from one foster home to another until her druggie mother "straightens up" for a brief period, then falls off the wagon only for Lexi to be put right back into the system. Lexi's mother ends up overdosing and is offered the chance to stay with an aunt she never knew she had. Lexi accepts.

Zach has it all. Nice house, popular, football star. Mia, his twin sister shines in the limelight of her brother. Jude, the mother of the twins hopes for the best for her children. She wants them to succeed but protects them to the fullest.

Freshman year of high school, Lexi becomes friends with Mia. Jude does not like it because she does not want Mia to get hurt by another girl that is only friends with her to get close to Zach.  Three years later, Mia and Lexi are best friends. Soon enough Zach and Lexi fall in love and the three of them(Mia, Zach and Lexi), are inseparable.

One night before graduation there is a terrible accident that brings Jude's world crashing down. Her worse fears are brought to the surface and there is nothing she can do to make it right. The novel then goes over the next six years of their lives with all the ups and downs. Its worth a read for both teenagers and parents.

I gave this book 4/5 stars. Hannah narrates the novel through different characters rather than having one main character tell the entire story.  For this novel, I believe this tactic worked only because it gives you the prospectives from all different sides. Me, not being a mother could not understand some things but when it was Jude narrating, I understood a little better. This novel made my mad at times...made me sad at times...and when you have a novel that can make you "feel" while reading it....its worth reading.  Lifetime movie? I see it happening.

The only reason why I did not give it five stars, would be the same reasoning the rest of my book club members had. Hannah did an excellent job giving detailed information on character growth, but towards the end of the book it lacked the detail.  There were chapters and chapters leading up to a pivotal point, and once we got there....the book just ended. It just seemed rushed.


Sins of the Father - Jeffrey Archer ★★★★ 1/2

The Sins of the Father is the sequel to Only Time Will Tell and Archer has done it again. Archer has created another novel that entraps the reader into the story. Just like in Only Time Will Tell, Sins of the Father is the same story told a few times by a different character but each time a little more information is put forth. Harry Clifton is now across seas in a predicament that he never should of gotten himself into but in Harry's eyes, he will do anything it'll take for the one he loves will be set free and "happy." I am not a big fan of history, yet I did enjoy how Archer used huge events in history and tied them into this book. With Archer using actual facts in a fictional world, it makes the story seem more real. More intense. I'll be anticipating the 3rd installment of the Clifton Chronicles.
I marked this 4.5 stars, because through the first book (Only Time Will Tell) and the second (The Sins of the Father) Archer has dragged out a huge significant detail. I understand the reason why he has done so, however, at the end of the second book I got mad that it wasn't "resolved" yet. Oh well, I guess that will be apart of the third book. I just hope we find out the truth in the third and it doesn't get pushed out til the last book.
Oh, and the best part was towards the end with Hugo.