The Last Summer of The Camperdowns - Elizabeth Kelly ★★★★

Riddle me this......
It's the Summer of 1972 and Riddle "Jimmy" "Hoffa" James Camperdown keeps the biggest secret of her life. At 12 years old she witnesses a crime but doesn't tell a soul. As her parents seem to become more distant (Her father is in politics and her mother still star struck) she begins to fall in love with Harry Delvin. The son of her fathers once best friend. As the year goes on, Riddle learns more truths and secrets, but does she keep her secret or finally tell someone?
I had the opportunity to read the advance readers copy of "The Last Summer of the Camperdowns" by Elizabeth Kelly (via Goodreads.com). I started reading the first few pages and was worried that I wouldn't get into it. There was a lot of description and I always seem to loose focus was a novel has too much detail. I get lost in the detail and forget what I was reading, but after a while I adjusted to the novel and the pages just flew by. I also think I've become just that much more smart after reading this. There were words that I never even heard of and actually had to look up! At times I forgot that Riddle was only 12 because of the vocabulary that was used.
I enjoyed The Last Summer of the Camperdowns. I was intrigued by how fear can prevent people from doing the right thing. I kept wondering when and if Riddle would do the right thing. Was there more to Greer (Riddle's mother) and Michael (Harry's father) than meets the eye? Who really was behind the biggest crime that shook the a little town of Wellfleet. What I liked most, is the story went fully circle.
I still have a few questions that went unanswered, but I have my theories.

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