So Down I Fall - Alex Benedict ★★★ 3/4

One gets tired of reading about the same type of super natural creatures. Vampires, werewolves and zombies, all seem to be the hit thing at the moment and it gets old. So Down I fall by Alex Benedict isn't about creatures on land, but in the sea.

I entered to win this book from the author as a part of the Goodreads.com contest giveaway..Obviously, I won and when I received it in the mail I began to read and 6 hours later (doing a few things in between) I was finished.

The first sentence, had me hooked. "I thought about killing myself the old-fashioned way: overdosing on a handful of pills, driving my truck into a tree." Its one of those sentences where you get so engrossed into the words that you just keep reading........and reading......and reading, until there is nothing left to read.

Grace O'Neal, no longer cares. Everything that mattered went away the day her mother died. She gives in to everything and attempts suicide but gets rescued. A few days later, she meets the new boy in town, Adam, and everything she knew changes. She starts to feel again....but its no happy ending.

As I mentioned above, this book captured me into a little Island off of Maine. I enjoyed the book until about 60 pages left to read. It seemed like it just got very corny. The things you find out, was not really a surprise, but more of a "Really? That's the best that you can come up with?" Then the last 30 pages it got too mushy. It was one of those "I love you" "Don't Leave" "I wont" "I love you." Rinse and repeat.

Regardless of the mushy corniness at the last 60ish pages, I still highly enjoyed it. Some was a bit predictable, but for the most part it was interested and I look forward to reading #2.

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