Full Measures: The Desperate Measures Triology #1 - Kat Lee ★★★★★

An author that I have read and liked a few books of (Elle Casey) has created an adult series under the pen name Kat Lee. Just like the Young Author novels, this one met full expectations. I loved this book! Its rare for me to say that I loved a book. It had to have something that I highly enjoyed.

Full Measures (book 1) in the Desperate Measures Trilogy is the unlikely story of three complete opposite ladies meeting at a book club meeting. Kiki, a retired fully nude pole dancer, Elizabeth the anti social reserved accountant and Aimee - soon to be divorced homemaker, not only become friends but business partners. The three bring out something in each other that they didn't know they had.

I loved this book because it was more realistic although fiction. It has drama, action and hilarity. I actually laughed out loud quiet a lot. I adored Betty and her comments. The characters are three ladies that you wish you became friends with. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great story and laughter.

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