Apocalypsis - Book 1: Kahayatle - Elle Casey ★★★★

Elle Casey has a few different series out there. I've now read the first book in three of those series, Apocalypsis Book 1: Kahayatle being the latest. Bryn Mathis is 17. Most of the world population is around her age because a disease took over and killed off anyone over 21 and under a certain age (12 I believe?). Things start off somewhat well, until the food supply runs out and the kids start attack kids. She meets Peter who was staying at his cross dressing uncle's house and together they take off to a safer place. Along the way they meet Bodo, a German exchange student and more "canners."

As I've mentioned in other book reviews, I don't really read Zombie/Apocalypsis books but with Elle Casey, I had to give it a whirl. Yet again, I wasn't disappointed. The only drawback I had was I didn't understand what kind of disease it was. I know its fiction, but it just didn't make sense and it really wasn't explained why it only killed off people of certain ages.

Now, not only will I know how to survive on an Island and fight off evil faeries, but I'll also be able to survive a trek 250 miles with everyone and anyone trying to eat me. Book 2 of all three, here I come.

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    Love this series!