Fatal Decree - H. Terrell Griffin ★★★★

Matt Royal is a former lawyer who left the big city to become a beach bum in Longboat Key. Jock Algren, is Matt's best friend, works in a part of the government that a lot of people do not know exist. Jennifer "J.D." Duncan, is Longboat Key's one and only detective. Together, the three of them set out to search for the person responsible for killing two local women...the crime scenes are eerily close to a murder spree that was 12 years ago. They soon find that it may be harder than expecting after sometime tries to kill J.D.....more than once and start to come after Matt. Drug Cartel, gangbangers, and serial killers? What do they all have in common and can they put a connection to all the murders, before its to late?

I won Fatal Decree by H. Terrell Griffin in a Goodreads.com First Reads contest. At first I was hesitant to sign up since it the description revolved around the drug cartel and that isn't usually my first topic of choice. After reading up to the 10th chapter, I was glad I won.  Griffin wrote Fatal Decree in the first person (of Matt) and since I'm not use to this style of writing it was different. I did enjoy it though. Reading a novel in this style made me feel like I was apart of the book. I was Matt. I also thought it was funny how towards the middle of the book, each chapter ended with a sentence that would give you a little in site of how the next chapter would begin. I found myself laughing a few times because it was like, "Oh, there at it again! Can the day get any worse?" Sure enough..it can. When I reached the end of the book, it felt like it was just too easy. Catch the bad guy and the day is over......and all of the sudden....BAM! Plot twist!
I read that there is actually a Matt Royal series and this book was not apart of it (based on Griffin's Goodreads profile). After reading Fatal Decree, I'm a little curious to check out one of the books that is apart of the Matt Royal Series. 

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