Jaden Baker - Courtney Kirchoff ★★★★★

I do not really read a whole lot of paranormal type books. Dark forces, Super natural Creature, the living dead, super human powers... I never seem to be able to get into the books, unless they have something that I can't keep away from.

Jaden Baker is something, someone, I couldn't keep away from.

The novel written by Courtney Kirchoff first introduces us to Jaden Baker at age 25 while in a drug store. He starts bleeding from the nose and has a seizure like symptoms. A girl in the same aisle rushes to his aid and calls 911.  The last thing Jaden asks of the girl before he passes out is "Don't let them take me!"

We are taken back to when Jaden is 9 years old and living with his new potential family that is in the process of adopting him. Jaden has been living with them for a week, happy but frightened of what would happen when they discover who he is.  Jaden is Psychokinesis (PK). One night his family learns of his powers and before Jaden can even explain what happened, he gets kidnapped. Taken underground and held as a prisoner while Dr. Dalton does experiments and tests on Jaden. Dalton wants to know how PK works. After 4 years there is a chance that Jaden can escape. He takes the opportunity but fails. Dr. Madrid then takes over and its horrifying. Madrid doesn't care how PK works, he's only concerned about making it work as an advantage. A weapon. Madrid doesn't stop at anything to get what he wants from Jaden.

Finally after 2 years of pure torture, Jaden at age 15 escapes. We are then brought up to speed after 10 years of Jaden hiding out and walking into a drug store one night where he collapses. Where he tells the girl (Libby) in the aisle "Don't let them take me!"

Libby helps Jaden and he soon decides that he will no longer run from them. He won't be afraid and he won't be held captive anymore. He's going to fight for his freedom. Fight for a life. His life.

Within the first two paragraphs, I was hooked. When I couldn't read, I would wonder what will happen next and couldn't wait for the chance to find out. I felt so bad for Jaden and there was nothing I could do to make it better. There were times when I was afraid for Jaden...when I was proud of Jaden and especially when I had hope for Jaden.

I suggest everyone else have hope for Jaden. Pick up a copy of Jaden Baker by Courtney Kirchoff. Whether it is a genre that you are interested in or something that you stay clear from...The outcome will be the same result..

★★★★★ to Jaden Baker.

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