The Keeper of Dawn - J.B. Hickman ★★★★

J.B. Hickman, gave me the opportunity to receive a free kindle edition of "The Keeper of Dawn," in return for an honest review. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. To give a brief summary, The Keeper of Dawn is about a 15 year old boy named Jacob Hawthorne is sent off to boarding school on Raker Island. At first he is just another one of the students, until he meets up with Chris, Roland and Derek. They soon become the "Headliners."  Together the boys push the lines of expulsion, excitement, death and self discovery.

When I read the first few chapters I couldn't get into it. The story was jumping between the past and current times and I found myself not all too excited to read it, but I continued to push through it since I was asked to read/review The Keeper of Dawn.

Around chapter 5-9, I noticed I was reading more and more without getting distracted. It became interesting. I wanted to see what the Headliners would do next. The jumping being the past events and the story now, didn't bother me anymore. It actually gave me a new perspective.

Towards the end, I was considering giving the book 3 out of 5 starts.   A three for me, is  "Eh, wasn't bad, but wasn't good either..its just so so." I still kept my options open as I read on..

Then I started to wonder........my curiosity was on full alert. I read on and WHAM!! PLOT TWIST!!


As I read on, things started to become clear and brought everything together. I finished the book and knowing what I know now, I gave the book a 4.

If anyone has the chance to read The Keeper of Dawn, and in the beginning are like me and not that interested, I do suggest keep reading. You'll become interested in the story and then get sucked in towards the end.

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