Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire ★★★★★

In order for you to understand most of what goes on in this book, you need to read the first novel; Beautiful Disaster. However, you do not entirely need to read the first to get an understand, but it is recommended. Read my review on Beautiful Disaster here .

I liked Beautiful Disaster, but I loved Walking Disaster. I thought it was going to be boring, since I would be reading the same story over but it wasn't. Although it was the same story, it still was a different story all in its own. We finally understand the root of Abby's nickname. What I thought were Travis' psychotic moments were really more played up by Abby then what really happened. This made me develop MORE of a crush on Travis than I already had. Read the first book and even if you don't like it, still read the second. The story is a lot better in Travis' prospective.

I liked the ending as well - it was more detail to the "happily ever after" ending.

5 stars.

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