If You Find Me - Emily Murdoch ★★★★1/2

I borrowed If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch from my sister who won it off the first reads giveaway contests by Goodreads.com and I highly enjoyed it.  Carey (15) and her younger sister, Janessa (6) live in the woods. When they were younger, their mother took them away from their father to protect them. Carey is the only one who does the protecting. Their mother is a drug addict and has disappears for days on end. It happens to be this one day, five weeks of not seeing their mother that a man walks into the woods calling their names. At first sight, Carey knows this man as her father. He has found them and come to take them home. We then go through the next few months of Carey and Janessa living with their father in a completely different world. They now have running water. They now have mittens on cold nights. Everything has changed and what the girls knew, could have been a complete lie.

I rated If You Find Me 4.5 stars because it left a lot of questions unanswered. Murdoch did a wonderful job of character development. Within the first few pages you feel for these girls. You wish them the best and no harm ever come to them. You dive into the book wanting to know more. When you get to the end...you realize you still are wanting to know more but there are no more pages to read. I am hoping there is a sequel because there is just so much I need answered.  If you are looking for a story with love, strength, change, emotional impact.. then this book is for you. If you are not looking for that, then I still suggest you read it anyway.

Murdoch - make a sequel. I need to know about Joelle. Does she get what she deserves? What about Carey now that she told about the White Star Night? What progression is there with Ryan? My biggest question...How's Shorty??????

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