The Child Thief - Brom ★★★★★

Almost everyone has grown up loving the story of Peter Pan written beautifully by J.M. Barrie. A classic that lived in the hearts of every child. But what would happen if the typical Peter Pan story we all grew up to love, was different? Darker? A book you wouldn't call a normal child's bedtime story?

Brom has brought the darker side of Peter Pan by ways of The Child Thief and I was immediately taken away to the dark and sinister world of Avalon. At times you see sides of The Child Thief (Peter) that are very similar to the charismatic boy we all grew up with - at times Peter believes things are all apart of the game. However; the differences to the Child Thief is murderous. Peter saves, 14 year old, Nick from gang members back in New York.  Nick, lost and unsure of what to do next, makes the decision to go with Peter to Avalon.

Entering Avalon you must not stop while walking through the "mist" and over skeletons of those that didn't make it. Nick is soon recruited to be one of "The Devils" (who we would normally know as The Lost Boys) and soon realizes that he has began a game of life or death. 

In order to save Avalon and the remaining Devils, the "Flesh-Eaters" must be destroyed.....

There are two sides to every story and Brom has done and amazing job in showing that other side. If you never liked Peter Pan and never were able to get lost in the world of magic and monsters....I still do highly recommend that you take a step out of your comfort zone and read The Child Thief.

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