Tained Morals - Janene Hudson ★★★★★

You cannot run and hide from your problems forever. The only thing that the small town of New Jackson knows about the quiet, antisocial woman that lives on the outskirts of town is that her name is Laura Broderick. She doesn't really have any friends except for a man who she has been seen having lunch with at least once a month. There is also a young girl who lives in a foster home, that comes to visit with Laura but no one knows of that relationship (Laura just doesn't talk to anyone, and Reagan doesn't want her Foster parents to know). Soon, the town will have a lot more to deal with then just an outcast. One night a man from Laura's past, comes to her house and tells her that he is there for some unfinished business. Laura knows all to well that her past has come back to haunt her - She escaped him once, can she do it again? Little does Laura know that the longer she hides this time around, more innocent people will die. Once and for all, in order live a normal life and no longer wanting to run, Laura decides to take a stand and fight back.
I give this book ★★★★★ because it was exciting only because I couldn't be positive on who the man from her past was....it wasn't as predictable as other stories have been.

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