Wrecked by Elle Casey ★★★★★

Sarah and Kevin Petersons are the popular ones in school, The beauty and the jock. Jonathan and Candi Buckley are the complete opposite, the nerdy know it all and the quiet shy never noticed girl. They do not socialize with each other and they cannot stand each other. They have no choice in the matter and are forced to be in the same room with each other when their parents take them on a cruise together. After a vicious storm hits the Buckley and Peterson kids aboard their designated lifeboat. Once dropped in water they face rogue waves that take them farther out into sea and eventually on a peanut shaped island in the middle of nowhere. The Buckleys and the Petersons have to put all their differences aside and help each other survive. There are dangers around each corner and as each day goes by the four teenagers realize that they are their own hope. They must rely on each other.....the family they have left.

This is this second book I have read by Elle Casey and I highly enjoyed this book too. I must admit, although this is considered a "young adult" book, I am 28 years old and I still enjoyed it. Its the newest version of Swiss Family Robinson. Wrecked illustrates that despite social statuses, relationships form when you least except it. It was kind of obviously that certain relationships were going to build, but I enjoyed how each one discovered who they really are and not who their friends or family want them to be. I also know, that if i ever get stuck on an island, I'll at least know some of the basics. Wrecked isn't just entertaining, it was a learning lesson as well!
I do hope that there will be a sequel to Wrecked, because I'd really like to see what happens to group in following months.

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  1. Thank you for your review! I'm glad you enjoyed it and happy to report there will be a sequel in December. Originally there wasn't going to be one, but my readers insisted. :)