The Changelings: War of the Fae Book one - Elle Casey ★★★★

Hunger Games for the Fae was my first impression. Jayne and Tony have a uncommon friendship; Jayne swears like a trucker and Tony just wanted Jayne to leave him alone (at first). One day after school something happens which causes Tony to pull a gun on a classmate and rather than dealing with the aftermath, both Jayne and Tony take off to Miami.  With no money and no clue on what to do next, they run into Jared who offers them a place to stay (a warehouse with the rest of his crew - the runaways). With no other option, Jayne and Tony go with Jared but still have their doubts and are unsure if they can trust the group or if they should just continue on their way.
After finding a flier for "Up to $500 for test subjects," Jayne, Tony and the other Runaways volunteer to be part of a special experiment. Unbeknownst to the group, the special experiment consists of taking the group to a secret wooded location to perform a training exercise, where each kid gets only one weapon and must reach all 4 checkpoints. The only rule is - there are no rules. They are no longer in the scope of the real world and any way to survive must be taken. Jayne and Tony soon discover that they not the average teenager.  Vampires, Gnomes, Lady of the lakes, are all determined to stop the group from reaching each check point.

Jayne is the new Katniss. She has some good one liners and even in deadly situations - she had wit(peeing on wolves?) I found that I was more interested in this book, than I was in the Hunger Games - took me til the 11th Chapter to finally get into the Hunger Games. I think it was at the very first chapter that I was hooked. Book two is definitely on my list.

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  1. Thanks for your review! Glad you liked it. Elle