Bullied: The Complete Series by Christopher Smith ★ ★ ★

Seth has been bullied far to long and they all deserve what they get. Seth Moore is an 18 year old who got bullied by his classmates since as far back as he can remember. Until one day changes everything. His dads friend, Creepy Jim, gives Seth an amulet that will do anything Seth wants it to do...Get rid of his pimpled face? Done. Give him a car? Done. Destroy the Bullies? Done. After a tragic event, Seth takes revenge on the bullies but not in the typical way that one would think......Now, gaining the confidence to fight back, does he have what it takes to fight against other forces, who will stop at nothing to get this amulet?
I gave rated this book ★ ★ ★, because although it was good and at points very detailed, for you to picture exactly what is being done to people, I thought it was a little cheesey. Don't get me wrong, bullying is a horrible and unforgiving act, but the way Seth would "preach" about it...to me just seemed a little corny. Specially when talking to certain teachers and at the very end of the last book. But still - big props to Seth for fighting back and taking action.

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