Light From a Distant Star - Mary McGarry Morris ★★★

I have been torn between giving Light From a Distant Star by Mary McGarry Morris ★★★ or ★★★★.  Since I am uncertain, I will have to go with the lesser of the stars. I do admit, it was a good book and it held my attention, however it seemed like it dragged on.  I want to point out that there were to many "events" that took place that really didn't need to be included in the book in the first place. They just seemed pointless and didn't have any significance to the story. I felt that they were just page fillers. Finally (after half the book) you get to the point that you've been waiting for and it drags on. Nellie tells both her parents about what she knows and they don't believe her, or won't believe her. A good man ends up being punished for another mans act, and its not until AFTER everything that the truth finally comes out. A little to late.
I was rooting for Max the whole time. I feel that he was just a troubled man who was trying to turn things around. Although, he is now long gone and out of the picture, I still hope the best for him.

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