Moose - Stephanie Klein ★★★★

Moose is the true story of Stephanie Klein from when she was 13 and had a summer of firsts...at fat camp. When you think of things that happen at camp, stereotypically you think band camp. American Pie even popularized the phrase, "one time, at band camp..." but the things that Klein writes about... band camp has nothing on fat camp. Stephanie reminisces about new friendships, hickeys, and finally fitting into goal jeans....I liked how she wrote the story with a no holds bar. She didn't hold much back or sensor what went on. You can tell she wrote the truth. She made Fat camp seem so much fun, (sans food limitations) and although there were a few times Klein wished she could go home, she still had a summer she'll always hold close to her heart. I wish I had that. Despite all the sexual festivities, I wish I could of gone to a summer camp. The way Klein wrote this, with everything descriptive just enough, it makes you feel like you were bunk mates with her, kate, ham and the rest of the girls.  Here's ★★★★ to fat camp champs!

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