Little Star - John Ajvide Lindqvist ★★★★

Disturbing? I highly think so. I read this book because I won it in a Goodreads.com first reads book consent. As awkward as it may be, I have to say I did enjoy Little Star. Yes, it was a little disturbing at times, but overall it was a good read. To briefly describe Little Star, A former popstar finds a baby in the woods. Rather than doing the "right thing" and turning her over to the authorities, he ends up keeping the baby in the basement. Thirteen years later, she goes Rogue. Jerry, her "brother" ends up taking her to live with him. The baby, who is now known as Theres, meets up with Teresa and together, they form a bond that is unbreakable, til death do them part.

I first started reading this book and was a little confused as to why the man who found her, his wife, nor Jerry ever did the right thing by Theres. They were by no means capable of raising a little girl. I suppose, they had what was coming to them. The details that Lindqvist writes about is - the only word that keeps coming to mind is - disturbing. I recall reading certain events with a scrunched up "Eww" face. Despite all the gruesomeness and unethical happenings, my attention was still held and I kept on reading, even after the "smoke" came.

I do not suggest this book for those with morals. HA! Be warned, there is mistreatment, death, blood, guts, weirdness and all the other shiny objects that come with it.

In the end, I was hoping for a bigger "bang."  


I figured the girls would end up being dead in the end, but I wanted to know if they were fraternal twins that were separated at birth because then it would explain the unnatural love affair.

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