Hurricanes in Paradise - Denise Hildreth ★★★★

Hurricanes in Paradise is a tale of four unlikely ladies becoming friends. Riley Sinclair has made the decision to leave a tragic accident behind and move to Paradise Island and start over with her Daughter. Riley is in the hotel's guest relations and it is her duty to put her guests above all everything. She is soon caring for a writer who is demanding to no end and cannot accept what she has done, a beauty pageant winner with health issues that hasn't told a soul and an elderly lady who is in morning over the loss of her Husband.  After each guests paths cross numerous of times, they end up becoming great friends and each survive their own personal hurricane. As one Hotel employee told each guest when they reached the island: "these waters have healing powers." 
I enjoyed this book. There were some funny moments as well as a few predictable moments, but all in all, it was good. My favorite was Winnie, the corky old southern lady.

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