Only Time Will Tell - Jeffrey Archer ★★★★

Jeffrey Archer has managed to captivate his audience by telling a story not only once, but an additional six more times.
Only Time Will Tell is set between 1919 -1940 and I tend to stay away from books set in these time periods (and anytime before that) as they are not my most favorable books to choose from but I was suggested to read this book so I gave it a shot. Jeffrey Archer goes on writing the same story in the views of a mother, a child, an arrogant scoundrel, an old war vet, a best friend and a first love. With each story being similar, yet different all at the same time Archer has done a brilliant job of still tying everything together. He leaves out pertinent information from one story, but then adds it into another so you find yourself saying, "OOOH, I get it!!!"
Well played, Archer....Well played.

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