The Lucky One - Nicholas Sparks ★★★★

There is probably a reason why almost all of Nicholas Sparks' books are made into movies. The Lucky One is no exception. I have not seen the movie yet and I really didn't want to see the movie before I read the book, because doing it that way tends to ruin the book.  After discussing the book vs. movie theory with a friend who had seen the movie, I'm glad I did read the book first.  Without giving to much away, my friend said that the movie doesn't focus as much on the Military aspect like the book does. I think if you didn't read as much detailed info about Logan's time during the Military, then the purpose of the "Good Luck Charm" won't make that much of an impact. Also, my friend said that the ending in the movie, is a little different than the book. I'm not sure how its different, but I liked the way the book ended. Reading up to the end, I do admit I was getting anxious, but all in all I think Sparks made the right choice to end it the way he did. My only complaint, was Logan's name. He went by Thibault (T-Bow) and I first read it as Thigh-bolt, just like the Clayton (the Deputy) did but after there was an explanation on the pronunciation, I was getting confused. I was getting mixed up because Sparks and the majority of the characters referred to Logan, as Thibault (T-Bow) except the Clayton who kept calling him Thigh-Bolt (This is how Sparks writes it in the book when it revolved around Clayton), so I found myself reading the correct version of his name as T-Bolt. Oh well..its just a name.....I prefer Logan anyway.  Oh! and favorite character was Zeus (Logan's dog). He is awesome.

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