On Dublin Street - Samantha Young ★★★★★

I read Fifty Shades of Grey because it was the talk of the town. I read all the entire series and gave a rating of 3 stars for each book. I then read "On Dublin Street" by Samantha Young and its now...Fifty shades of what???
On Dublin Street tells the story of a girl named Joss who experienced a horrible tragedy when she was 14. She then spiraled out of control and by 18, she turned it all off. She shuts out the world and its her and only her. Now 8 years later, everything is still turned off. She gets a new roommate, Ellie, and meets Ellie's brother, Braden Carmichael and everything changes.  Braden, Ellie and other characters start to break down Joss's walls and infiltrate her highly guarded world.
I liked this book. I felt that there was character development. You see how Joss was, how she is and what she becomes. I liked the relationship that Joss and Braden have with one other.  Samantha Young wrote it well. I wasn't getting bored with the "repetitiveness" like in other books (FSoG/Twilight/etc.). There was tragedy (past and present), excitement (every time Braden is around), humor (she calls Brandan an Asshat) and love. I recommend people to read this book. I suggest people read this book over fifty shades. I'm only comparing it to FSoG because of the sex. I'll admit, even the sex scenes in On Dublin Street are better. Young wrote it in a more classy way. It was still dirty, but still elegant.  "Regular" sex without bondage can be hot too. 
Braden Carmichael takes the cake.
5 stars.....read it.  

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