Call Me Emily - Laura Albright ★★★ 1/2

Oh, Emily....You made the biggest mistake. The mistake that 90%* of the female population makes at one point or another. "Call Me Emily" is a coming of age story through the 1980 college years. Emily is starting her first year at a Southern California University. She begins settling in and making friends and one night she meets Graham. Everything changes.

:::Spoilers alert:::

Emily falls head over heels in love with Graham and the biggest mistake she makes...changing herself to please him. She does everything she can to make him happy and she "feels" happy, but when its all said and done....at the end of the day, shes not happy. Takes her a while to realize it, but she does eventually.

Call me Emily, was a quick read. It felt at times I was reading more of a diary then a novel only because it seemed to "jump" from one thing to another without a typical "novel" like transition.

I'm glad that Emily made the choices she made in the end and I've marked book two on my "to read" list. I'm hoping her and Jose get together.

Note: I recieved this book as a Goodreads.com first-reads contest winning.

*statistics pulled out of no where.

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